*** Catalogue will be made available again later in 2014 ***

I started making music with Pete Martin aka Slide as Satori and released a few singles with Sirius, Aquarius and Matsuri before developing my own style as Process. After releasing a few tracks on Matsuri, Flying Rhino, TIP and Twisted I released One Drop Or Two? on Jens' Creamcrop label. Most of these tracks were made with Benji Vaughan aka Prometheus who gave a really warm melodic element to my more spikey sound design.

I have been lucky enough to play music all around the world and as a result have been able to collaborate with some wonderfully creative people such as AB Didge, Simon Posford, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Drezz and many others, but it was Drezz who turned me on to Miles Davis and led to a whole new organic approach to making music.

I haven't made any psy-trance for a while but I hope that any psychedelic heads will appreciate the Mystery School Ensemble and these musical journeys have a habit of coming around full circle so keep watching this space.