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Mystery School Ensemble

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Formed in 2000 by Drezz The Mystery School Ensemble grew out of a desire to return to a more organic approach to making music after several years exploring electronic composition. Drezz? knowledge and experience of studio techniques provided the foundation for introducing proper instrumentalists to the recording and writing process in a seamless fashion.

The first recruit was trumpet and trombone player and scouser Nicky Flood who brings forty years playing experience to the project, surfing over Drezz? grooves and conjuring deep atmospheres and soulful cadences from his deep knowledge of his instruments.

Next, from Australia, came River Petein who brings the speed and flair of a top alto sax player along with a well developed sense of melody and structure crafted from many years playing around the world, indoors and out, in venues and festivals alike.

Drezz turned to an old collaborator Sean Williams to provide the odd wink-wonk guitar part, mad professor engineering skills and odd bits of vintage studio kit to help knit all the elements into a cohesive whole.

Justin Timson gave Nicky a lift to the studio one day and happened to have a harmonic flute with him which he sawed down a bit to tune it up, but the nature of the Ensemble is to include chance meetings and happy accidents and so he ended up in a pivotal role on the track "Further".

The first recordings were done in Gloucester with Drezz trekking down to Bristol with his laptop to record the sax parts. The studio was recently relocated to London where the next phase of incorporating a focus in the form of vocals has already begun. The extended nature of the ensemble means that many and varied collaborations are possible including a recent session with Howard Marks and Lee Harris.